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Who we are

Técnico Solar Boat is a university project consisting of cross-degree engineering students at Instituto Superior Técnico that work together on the development of a solar powered boat. It is approximately 5,2m long by 2.4m wide, with the purpose of participating in worldwide university competitions organized by Solar1, such as Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge.

Currently we are a unique project because we are the first group in the Iberian Peninsula to have a completed prototype. This led us to excellent results on our first competition in Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge 2017.

In what we work in:

Electric Systems

Reponsible for the energy management, hydrofoils control system, dual motor system, telemetry and database.

Mechanical Systems

They carry the design and production of the hydro-foils struts, transmission sytem, propulsion column and trailer

Hull Design & Composites

Those who make sure our boat floats! They design and produce every composite made piece.

Management & Marketing

Making a competitive boat comes with it's costs. We try to balance efficiency and cost with a low budget.

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Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge 2017/2018 Aftermovie
Watch our highlights at the competition!


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Our team

The team consists of 14 students at the moment from Instituto Superior Técnico. This year the team is once again busy improving our boat. These students DO NOT suspend their studies in order to work on this project although they're fully focused on working on the Solar Boat.

  • Portfolio Item

    Dinis Rodrigues

    Team Leader
  • Portfolio Item

    Basile Belime

    Electrics Systems Chief
  • Portfolio Item

    Alexandre Gonçalves

    Mechanics Chief
  • Portfolio Item

    Diogo Rodrigues

    Management Chief
  • Portfolio Item

    Sebastião Beirão

    Hydrofoils Control System
  • Portfolio Item

    João Frazão

    Hydrofoils and proppeler design
  • Portfolio Item

    João Sousa

    Transmission System
  • Portfolio Item

    Miguel Brito

    Mini-trailer design
  • Portfolio Item

    Tiago Miotto

    Battery Test System
  • Portfolio Item

    Tomás Vieira

    CNC Machining and Hydrostatics

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Our Sponsors

Our project completely relies on the funds and materials provided by external entities, we want to thank each and everyone who understands and believes in what we do. Without our sponsors, this project would not exist.

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Additional info

  • Alternative address: Av. Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva, 2744-016, Porto Salvo
  • Email us at: tecnico.solarboat@gmail.com